Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One year ago...

Dear Mia & Lyla,
I can't believe that one year ago today, you girls came to live with me.  I thought that you would only be with me for a few weeks, maybe a few months.  Today, I have the privilege of being your Mommy!!!  You girls are so precious to me!  You bring such joy to my life!  You make me laugh!

We had such a great first Christmas!  Santa was so good to you girls.  That is because you girls were very good!  :)  We spent Christmas with Aunt Roxie, Uncle Scott, Parker, & Bella in Tyler.  We had a blast!!  Santa loved his cookies!!

You also got to meet Poppy and Grandmom Susie for your adoption celebration!  You two were so good with them!

I can't believe how much you have grown over the past year.  Mia, as soon as you turned 2, you started talking up a storm.  It's been so fun to watch you develop your language.  You are so sweet to others.  You are such a good big sister.  You took care of Lyla from day one!  Lyla, you are my spunky precious girl!  I love watching your personality develop.  I love your hugs and kisses!!  You are starting to talk up a storm too!!!  I am so proud of you girls!!

I pray that you will grow up loving and serving our Lord!!!  I pray that you will know how much you are loved!  You are surrounded by so many that love you!  You are such a blessing in my life!  I thank the Lord for you everyday!

Mommy loves you so much!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 21, 2011

Dear Mia & Lyla,
     Today I became your FOREVER Mommy!!!  I can't believe that it finally happened!!!  What a beautiful day.  I almost cried in the court room (you'll soon learn that Mommy is not really into crying!).  :)  Mia, you were in my arms.  Lyla, you were in Uncle Scott's arms because that is the only one that you would let hold you!  Mia, you cheered right along with the rest of us.  This was the best Christmas present that I could have ever gotten.  Aunt Roxie, Uncle Scott, & Bella were there to support us!  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.  We can't forget that Poppy and Grandma Susie drove all the way from Florida to share this day with us too!
     In the evening, we went to celebrate at the Spiars' home!  So many of our friends and family were there to help us celebrate too!  It was such a fabulous day!  You girls are so loved by so many!  I am excited to see what path God takes us down.  Always believe and always trust!
I will always love you girls!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One More Week Left

Dear Mia & Lyla,
I can't believe that in one week from today I get to be your Forever Mommy!!!  I have waited and prayed for the two of you even before you came into my life!  God has had His hand on us every step of the way!  You are such precious little girls! I am so blessed that God chose me to be your Mommy.  Sometimes I wonder why.  He has so much to do in my life!  I pray that I will honor His choice.  I pray that you girls grow up to love and serve Him.  I pray that you truly understand just how much Jesus loves you!  You girls are so beautiful! I pray that you will learn to be confident in Him.  You have forever changed my life in such a great way!  I love you girls so much.  Thank you for making me laugh.  Thank you for growing me!  I can't wait to see what our future holds.  In one week, you will be Mia & Lyla Romagnolo!!!  (I am doing a happy dance right now!)
Mommy loves you!!!!