Monday, July 30, 2012


Yesterday was your 3rd birthday!  I can't believe it!  You have grown so much in the year and half that you have been with me.  I was not in town for your birthday last year (I didn't know that you would still be with me).  We began your birthday celebrations on Saturday in Tyler at Aunt Roxie & Uncle Scott's.  Here is a video of it:

We swam most of the day and then we had cake and presents with family.  On Sunday, we came home, went to Church, home for lunch (your request), nap, and then Chuck 'E' Cheese with miss Melissa.  The Ary's got you a play kitchen, which you and Lyla LOVE!!!!!  Today, we had your 3 yr check up (very easy), so we are spending the day together going shopping and to the movies!!!

I love you and Lyla so much!!  I am so blessed to have you girls in my life!!!!  Here are some more pics from the weekend.

My Birthday Girl!

Mmm...mmm good!

No peeking!

My birthday princesses in their princess nightgowns!

Mommy & Mia, the birthday girl!

This is a picture of Mia in June 2011 and then July 29, 2012

Lyla June 2011 and then June 8, 2012

Your new kitchen!

Chuck 'E' Cheese!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moments To Remember

Today, we were doing some shopping at Target. To distract you, Mia, I asked you if you wanted to sing a song. You said, "Let me sing by myself please.". So, here it is....You are My Sunshine. I love how when Lyla tossed a packet of sausage up to you, you tossed it back and then kept singing like nothing. Love you girls! Always!!!! Mommy

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Growing So Fast

Mia & Lyla,

I can't get over how fast you two are growing!!  Mia, you are speaking up a storm.  You are starting to use full sentences.  Lyla, you are not far behind her!!  My babies are getting so big!!!  I love you girls!  I am so lucky to have this time off in the summer to spend with you!  We have been doing lots of swim lessons.

We've taken a trip to the Zoo, gone shopping, hung out at friends, gone to Tyler, and did I mention that we have done lots of swimming? I love you sweet girls!  You are so precious to me!  This morning, I walked into your room to find this:

I love when you two are the best of friends!!!  You are my sweet baby girls!  Always love and encourage each other!  Family is so important!  Besides Jesus, we are all that we have!

Love each other deeply!!  Choose Joy!  Mommy loves you ALWAYS!!



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Monday, July 2, 2012


Wow!  I can't believe that it is already July!!!  Time has flown since March.  We've had a busy spring!  We went Easter Egg hunting at Church and then we spent Easter with the Spiars.  

April was super busy for Mommy at work.  It was a hard few months for all of us.  I knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, because on June 3rd, we left for Disney World!!!  There were many firsts this trip.  You had your first plane ride, bus ride, and seeing the Magic of Disney!!!  You got to meet Aunt Cathy (Mommy's sister), Uncle Von, and Cousin Reeny while we were there.  Poppy and Grandmom Susie even came up for a visit one day too.  I think that your favorite part of Disney was meeting the characters!!!  Mia, you did enjoy many of the rides too!  Lyla, not so much, but you did enjoy the shows.  We were there during Lyla's 2nd birthday, so we celebrated all week and got at least one cupcake every day!!!  After Disney, we headed to Tampa and St. Pete to meet more family and friends.  Before our two week whirl-wind trip was over, we headed back to Disney for one last night.  I can't wait until you girls are older and we can go back!  

First Airplane Ride!

Mia High-Fived Mickey & Minnie and Lyla was all about the hugs!

Well, we are now spending the rest of the summer just relaxing.  We go to the pool almost every day.  In fact, Mia is getting swim lessons from Mr. Chris.  I can't get over how much you two have grown over the past year!!!  I love you girls so much!  At times, I feel so unworthy to be your mother.  God chose us to be a family for a reason!  You are such a blessing in my life!!!  You girls make me laugh!  I love when a praise song ends on the radio and one of you shouts, "Yay Jesus!"  I pray that despite my humaness, you will grow to love and serve Jesus with all of your hearts.  I pray that you will be kind to and love others.  You girls are so loved by so many!!!

Mommy loves you ALWAYS!!!!