Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jesus is our Dada!

Here is a little story to share with you girls.  We were in the car getting ready to head to church and Mia said, "Princess be right back!"  I said, "That's right princess, we'll be right back.  We are going to church to worship Jesus! Right?"  Mia answered, "Yes!"  You said something about dada that I couldn't quite get and I said, "but we don't have a dada."  Mia answered "Jesus is our dada!"
Out of the mouths of babes!!!  I pray that you girls will always have child-like faith and trust Him through the good and bad!  No one will ever love you more than your Heavenly Father!!  How much does Jesus love you?  (How much!)  How much does Mommy love you!  (How much!)
I love you girls sooooo much!!!  I love you always...good AND bad!!!