Saturday, July 14, 2012

Growing So Fast

Mia & Lyla,

I can't get over how fast you two are growing!!  Mia, you are speaking up a storm.  You are starting to use full sentences.  Lyla, you are not far behind her!!  My babies are getting so big!!!  I love you girls!  I am so lucky to have this time off in the summer to spend with you!  We have been doing lots of swim lessons.

We've taken a trip to the Zoo, gone shopping, hung out at friends, gone to Tyler, and did I mention that we have done lots of swimming? I love you sweet girls!  You are so precious to me!  This morning, I walked into your room to find this:

I love when you two are the best of friends!!!  You are my sweet baby girls!  Always love and encourage each other!  Family is so important!  Besides Jesus, we are all that we have!

Love each other deeply!!  Choose Joy!  Mommy loves you ALWAYS!!



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