Saturday, October 13, 2012


Dear Mia & Lyla,
I can't believe that it is already October!!! This year is flying!  I am loving that you are older and will understand and enjoy more this holiday season!  I love Fall!  I think that it has become one of my favorite times of year.  Mommy loves all things Pumpkin and I am sharing that love with you too!  You seem to be loving it too!  You girls are growing so fast!!  Mia, you used the word "actually" about a month or so ago (& you used it correctly)!  The other day, I had you helping me put grapes in a zip loc bag.  I said, "Mia, you are doing such a good job helping mommy put the grapes in the bag!"  You said, "yes, yes I am!" Ha!  I about fell on the floor laughing! Lyla, you are a talker too!!  I love when I say "Good Morning" to you every morning and you repeat it back to me.  I love when I whisper "I love you" to you and you whisper it back to me!  I just love you girls to pieces!!  I am so glad that God chose us to be a family!!!
Yesterday, we went to the Dallas Zoo on a school field trip with mommy.  We had a great time!

You girls were so good and I loved spending the day with you!  We had a great day today too!  Today was Mia's last dance class.  Since there was only one other girl there, Lyla got to participate too.  You girls had so much fun!  We had lunch with Mr. Chris, a good nap, went shopping, came home for dinner and Pumpkin ice cream (YUM!), and ended the evening cuddling on the couch watching Cinderella.  I love you girls so much!!!  I love it when you are sweet to each other and help each other out.  I love to listen to you girls laugh.  You make my heart smile!!

Here are some pics from today's dance class and then from other dance classes:

We've also had fun this fall with college football!  I have taught you the FSU War Chant and you make me sing the FSU Fight Song over and over!  :)  You laugh at me whenever I yell during the football games.  :)

You've had your first pony rides this daycare and at the Zoo with me yesterday.

I love our little family!  I love you girls...ALWAYS!!!

More to come this month as we visit a pumpkin patch and dress up for Halloween and go to our Fall Festival at Church.

Until much does Mommy love you?  How much does Jesus love you?

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