Sunday, February 26, 2012


Dear Mia & Lyla,

Today was your Baby Dedication at church, Prestonwood Baptist Church.  What a blessing to be able to share this day with you!  Today, I promised that I would raise you in the Church and I gave you to God.  I trust Him with your lives!!!  I pray that you girls will grow up loving Him and being secure in His love for you!!  No one will ever love you as much as Jesus does!!!
Meghan Tabor held you Lyla, while I held Mia and we posed for a picture with the pastor.  You were so cute that the congregation even loved you!  You girls loved your little Bibles!!!  After church, we went to meet the Spiars' for lunch!!  You girls LOVE the Spiars!!
I love you girls so much!!!  You make my heart smile.  God has blessed us so much!!!  Mommy will always love you!!!  Thank you for choosing me!!!

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